The Safety Sleeper: US / Canadian Full
Mattress Size: 54" width X 75" length x 10" height

The Safety Sleeper: US / Canadian Full

MSRP: $4,329.29
Part Number:FL
  • Entry Options:The Safety Sleeper features left AND right side entrance for ease of access. Additional end of bed and extended side entries optional.
  • Full Size:54" width X 75" length
  • Color Options:Hot Pink, Sail Blue, Diamond Black, Heather Grey, Navy Blue, Royal Purple & Shimmering Sand
  • In Home Use:For daily use, select a coil spring or foam mattress 9-10 inches high
  • Travel & Portability:Luggage & air mattress for travel use included
  • Free Shipping:Shipping included for continental USA
  • Mesh:*Mesh is not compatible with video monitors. Please contact us for details.

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Travel Bag
A bed enclosure made of 100% breathable, fire retardant polyester fabric and aluminum frame. Side entrance on the right AND left side allowing for easy entry for the child or adult and quick access for the caregiver. Extra safety zipper system allows for additional security. 

The Safety Sleeper comes with the aluminum frame, fabric enclosure with one coverlet and an air mattress for travel.  Abram's Bed recommends you select a mattress for daily use that is between 9 - 10 inches high for the ideal fit. 

Your mattress is fully encased in The Safety Sleeper using a removable coverlet. The removable coverlet has a hidden zipper that allows the caregiver to unzip and launder but does not allow access for the child or adult using The Safety Sleeper. One coverlet is included with your purchase. Additional coverlets available to purchase separately (see custom options). 

The Safety Sleeper can be placed on the floor or added to any metal or wood bed frame.  It is recommended to use stabilizing straps when placing The Safety Sleeper on a bed frame.  See custom options for more information.

Each product is custom made. Free shipping for continental USA. 

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